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RE: FW: Gallows G characters

At the time, Rene and/or Gabriel objected that
there is a continuous
spectrum of forms between the straight and hooked
variants. Perhaps,
but the two forms are clearly distinguished on the
three-column page,
and the distinction is consistent across the two
relevant columns.
Also, to my eyes there is also a continuous
spectrum between EVA "r"
and "s", yet I do believe that they are distinct

I too record these as separate characters, but
other information suggests that these are
interchangeable at some level.  Just another
character form that demonstrates similar behavior
in decrypt attempts.  I'm going to get to the
bottom of this phenomenon.

It is worth keeping in mind also that the VMS may
be a copy made
by an "ignorant scribe", who, like the modern
may not have assumed that those hooks were purely

We do not have any other copies of this
manuscript, nor do we have any evidence that this
is a copy of a now non-existant copy.  Until we
know what it says, or until another copy or
fragment shows up, I have little choice but to
consider it far more likely that this is an
original and singular composition, if for no other
reason that the materials and workmanship are
contemporary with the time period and geographical
region this dates to.