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Re: FW: What *is* that object those nymphs are holding?

Hi GC,

Do you mean the object that some say looks like a
*flute*?  One of the instruments of physicke
associated with bathing is a bladder for inserting
herbal washes and medicines into the "matrix".
This tool was called a "syringe".  I've been
searching for a picture of this instrument, but
all I've found to date is the description.  There
is a second type that looks something like a
child's wooden top that was used for inserting
suppositories into the "foundament" (you guessed
it).  Until I find a picture of the "syringe"
bladder, I can't be certain, but it's a good

These are *definitely* hypotheses that we should be able to test: I'll ask some of the medical historians I've recently been in contact with if they know of any reference images for either of these, and see where this general line of enquiry goes...

But (speaking as a flautist) I don't think it's much like a flute... :-/

Thanks!, .....Nick Pelling.....