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Re: Rubber ducky?

   Interesting observations.Well, when I see red I guess I think blood,
ink, dyes, paint, yarn, certain fruits and nuts, etc. If we look at rose
hips, flip them over, cut them open to expose the insides, then perhaps
we have something that looks like the "Rubber ducky" (or is it Peking
Duck showing off its spine?) in f76v. The head of the bird is a
curiosity. I had assumed this was another representation of a spindle.

Rose Hips:

Dana Scott

"diane.cousteau" wrote:

> Of all the odd objects the nymphs bring to their bath, there's one
> that's clearly depicted...but why is it there? On f76v, just below the
> "fleur-de-lys", another nymph is holding a white bird with red wings
> by the neck...the head looks like a goose or swan type. Medicinal
> virtues of bathing with geese? Anyone?  Both red  and  white birds are
> reminescent of alchemical symbolism, but I haven't found any with both
> colors combined in one bird, and anyway not in the context of being
> held by the neck. Maybe it points to something else altogether, like a
> local tale or superstition?