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Re: Folios 67r & f67v2

Hi everyone,

At 00:10 23/02/02 -0600, GC wrote:
>The two diagrams on folio 67r, one of the sun
>divided into 12 segments, and one of the moon
>divided into 12 segments, are most certainly a
>calendar involving solar and lunar calculations.
>Standard astronomical fare.

I should perhaps point out that when I showed this page to David Juste, he suggested that this page might contain the means for translating between two systems of houses - not every system in use was based on a division into twelve.

Also: f67v2 looks as though it might be some kind of wind-rose. As well as Leonardo da Vinci's wind-rose which I posted recently, here is another set that Filarete lists [with Spencer's notes on what Filarete was copying from in brackets]:-

	South:	Austro, Africo, Notte [Leuconotus]
	East:	Euro, Subsolano, Vulturno,
	West:	Zephiro, Circio [Euricicias], Favonio
	North:	Boreas, Aquilone, Eurus

John Spencer also lists (in a later footnote) a comparison between the wind-roses of Filarete, Vitruvius, and Francesco di Giorgio. Note: the absence of a North wind list is (I assume) deliberate:-

	Filarete		Vitruvius	Francesco di Giorgio
NW	Corus		Caurus		Maestro, Argestes, Careus
NE	Boreas		Aquilo		Greco, Boreas, Aquilo
E	Subsolanus	Solanus	Levante[,] Apheliote, Subsolano
SE	Euro		Eurus		Sirocho, Eurus, Vuturnus
S	Nottus		Auster		Astro, Notus, Auster
SW	Africus		Africus		Garbino, Libs, Aphiricus [sic]
W	Zephirus/Circinus  Favonius	Ponente, Zephyrus, Favonius

From the text, it seems that Romagnan folk-knowledge resolves the North wind into NE and NW winds. Perhaps, then a set of crypto cribs for f67v2 arising from this might look like:-

	NW	Corus			soaiin
	NE	Boreas			dalam
	SW	Africus/Auster		sary
	SE	Auster/Euro		okoral

Make of this what you will. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....