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Re: Lateralised Chinese characters

26/02/02 12:14:21, "Philip Neal" <philipneal_vms@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>If anyone
>is serious about this theory, they have to say how Voynichese
>would represent the character 'yin1', 'sound', which begins with
>four horizontal strokes pile on top of a square and is an extremely
>common radical.

No, yin1 (sound) is: dian3, heng2, dian3, dian3, heng2, shu4, heng2-zhe2,
heng2, heng2

The nasty one is yan2 "word" (as in wen2yan2 and yu3yan2):

dian2, heng2, heng2, heng2, shu4, heng2-zhe2, heng2

Seems like the Voynich words are far, far too short.

Still, it was, is, a wonderful idea.