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Character position within VMS "word"

Hi all,
the average position of a VMS char seems to be nearly constant within the
VMS. I found the following properties:
(all chars are EVA, wf means word final,ie. the probabilty, to find this
char and "word"'s end is high, 1-2-3 means: the prob. finding char at 1 or 2
or 3 is hight with falliung tendency):
a 2-3-4
c 1-2-3
d 1-4-5
e 3-4-5
f 1-2-3
h 2-3-4-5
i 4-3-5
(j only 1 occ)
k 3-2-1
l 2-4-5 wf
m 4-5-3 wf
n 5-6-7 wf
o 1-2-3
p 1-2-3
q 1
r 4-5-3 wf
s 1-2-3
t 2-3-1
(x) wf
y 5-6-7

Char. with highest freq.:
y wf
h pos 2
e 3
o 1
o 2
c 1
n wf
e 4

Within some deviation, the char position seems to be stable.