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--- Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Unfortunately, as Rafal pointed out, the reference
> must be an error,
> since the true author of those books is a certain
> Johann Conrad
> Barchusen. Perhaps the "Barchius" name had been
> taken from the
> ex-libris, or a chunk of the file had been deleted,
> joining two
> entries.

The other problem is that Barchusen postdates
Georg Baresch...

> I wrote [them] asking how the name "Georg
> Barchius" got into their bibliography. Here is their
> reply.
>     > Dear friend: 
>     > 
>     > The name "barchius" appears in any [=some
> --JS] edition of
>     > Barchusen's works at de Biblioteca Nacional de
> Madrid. 
>    [...]
>     > Now I'm analizing some correspondence between
> A. Kircher with J.
>     > Caramuel. In other side I'm doing the same
> with the relation
>     > between Lana-Terzi (You know him?) and A.
> Kircher to try to
>     > establishe a relation with the three ones and
> alchemy. 

I've never heard of Lana-Terzi. Anyone?
At the same time, the letters between Kircher
and Caramuel have been analysed in 1953 by a 
Spanish researcher called Ramon Cenyal.

>     > PD: Excellent your work about the Voynich ms.,
> really! May be you, or any
>     > other person, send us a litle abstract (6/7
> pages) to insert in the new
>     > number of our review "Panacea"?
> [I won't have the time to do this; any takers?
> Gabriel and Rene, what
> about the Aesculapius article?]

Very much the same here, I'm afraid.

Cheers, Rene

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