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VMs: Upload error corrected ...

I made a stupid mistake while scanning and I have uploaded the same picture
I have corrected this error and now you can download 3/4 of the foldout
I'll try to upload the last quarter next week.

I'm trying to glue them together, but the only tool I have is "Microsoft
Picture It!" which comes with Windows ME. I haven't found the right buttons

BTW - On copyright - I have been reading so many Voynich related dates
placed around 1920 that I assumed the Kraus volume was older than 50 years.
Which it is not, it's 40 years old. If it were older than 50 years it would
have - as far as I know - passed into the public domain. So my copies are
not entirely legal and I won't keep them posted very long.

Petr Kazil - Urban Adventure in Rotterdam