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VMs: Re: Yahoo -- VMs -- New mailing list address -- possibly short-term

Just yesterday I stumbled across a Yahoo discussion
group (or whatever they call themselves) about 
Easter Island. I wanted to post an answer to a
question put there, but I had to register.

After an hour of effort, I gave up in disgust.

First, I had to give my country of origin and
my postcode. No business of yours, folks, so
I clicked on the first country in the list
(USA) and entered 123456 as postcode. The wretched
thing complained that it was not a valid postcode.
My curiosity awakened, I tried Bangladesh. Same
story. Mind you, had I wanted to try France, it
was not on the list displayed (but Thailand was),
I would have had to enable JavaScript first,
then click on the link to more countries.

Then I was asked my sex. It complained when
I left it out.

Then my occupation. Thankfully, there was "other".

Then my title. It complained when I left it

Then... I forgot.

Finally, I had to choose a member ID. Now there are less
than 200 people on that list, so I was surprised when
all the IDs I tried were knocked back: already 
attributed. TeHaha, TeRoro to start with. Then
I got sick of my Polynesian names being rejected,
and I used some names I had made for myself when
playing Ultima VII. Kaa. Already taken. Tskaa. 
Already taken (what???? yes.). Into Japanese now.
Tsurezuregusa. You've guessed: already taken.

It was clear by then that your proposed user name
was matched against all the members of _all_ their

When you add to that the ads which apparently come
gracing your mailbox... count me out.