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VMs: Re: The castles

Hi Dana,

When I examine these nine "circles" in the VMS I start with the premise that
everything depicted is meaningful and significant. The author of the VMS exerted
a great deal of effort and imagination to illustrate the perceived world and
universe. It may very well be that the castles, walls, roads, and towers drawn
in these circles are in part extentions of the author's imagination and inner
and outer universe.

My understanding of every picture in the Voynich (with only one exception) has followed the general pattern of moving from incomprehensible --> tangible --> literal.

Even the astrological nymphs - if you look at the diagrams as a set of pregnancy outcome predictors - are completely literal. The eyes in the roots - occhio and finocchio. Again, very literal.

The only exception to this trend has been Stan Tenen's spiral - but I believe that that plant was probably copied from elsewhere (probably an Egyptian source).

I therefore believe that the map page is probably a literal representation of some physical geography - and that we should first seek to test literal interpretations.

This is not to say that there might not be a metaphorical or spiritual subtext to it - rather, that the VMS' author(s) would appear not to be relying on that kind of mindset as their primary modality.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....