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VMs: Re: Zecharia Sitchin/Photo of Planetx

Hello Dallas Thompson,

    It is not clear to me what comparisons you are trying to make
between this article by Zecharia Sitchin and the Voynich Manuscript.
BTW, I see that sallad (sallad) is the same as your first name, dallas,
spelled backwards. Do you have an interest in cryptology?

~sallad cosmic food for thought ~
~sallad cosmic food for thought ~

Dana Scott

Machoarm@xxxxxx wrote:

> Greetings Planetx Wave Seekers!Our research team has been busy with
> Planetx Research,and our Latest Findings will Include a rare Photo of
> Planet Nibiru(Planetx)
> This article will share insight from Zecharia Sitchin.
> N I B I R U
> It all began, the Sumerian texts relate, when the Solar System was
> still young. The Sun (APSU in the Sumerian texts, meaning "One Who
> Exists from the Beginning"), its little companion MUM.MU ("One Who
> Was Born," our Mercury) and farther away TI.AMAT ("Maiden of Life")
> were the first members of the Solar System.
> It gradually expanded by the "birth" of three planetary pairs, the
> planets we call Venus and Mars between Mummu and Tiamat, the giant
> pair Jupiter and Saturn (to use their modern names) beyond Tiamat,
> and Uranus and Neptune farther out.
> Into this original Solar System, still unstable after its formation
> (I estimated the time about four billion years ago), an Invader
> appeared. The Sumerians called it NIBIRU; the Babylonians renamed it
> Marduk in honor of their national god. It appeared form outer space,
> from "the Deep", in the words of the ancient text. But as it
> approached the outer planets of our Solar System, it began to be
> drawn into it. As expected, the first outer planet to attract Nibiru
> with its gravitational pull was Neptune-E.A ("He who begot him was
> Ea", the ancient text explained. Nibiru/Marduk itself was a sight to
> behold; alluring, sparkling, lofty, lordly are some of the adjectives
> used to describe it. Sparks and flashes bolted from it to Neptune and
> Uranus as it passed near them.
> Nibiru might have arrived with its own satellites already orbiting
> it, or moons might have been acquired as a result of the
> gravitational pull of the outer planets. The ancient text speaks of
> its "perfect members...difficult to perceive"--"four were his eyes,
> four were his ears." As it passed near EA/Neptune, Nibiru/Marduk's
> side began to bulge "as though he had a second head." Was it then
> that the bulge was torn away to become Neptune's moon Triton?
> One aspect that speaks strongly for this is the fact that
> Nibiru/Marduk entered the Solar System in a retrograde (clockwise)
> orbit, counter to that of the outer planets. Only this Sumerian
> detail, according to which the invading planet was moving counter to
> the orbital motion of all the other planets, can explain the
> retrograde motion of Triton, the highly elliptical orbits of other
> satellites and comets, and the other major events that we have yet to
> tackle. More satellites were created as Nibiru/Marduk passed by
> Anu/Uranus. Describing this passing of Uranus, the text states
> that "Anu brought forth and begot the four winds"-as clear a
> reference as one could hope for to the four major moons of Uranus
> that were formed, we now know, only during the collision that tilted
> Uranus. At the same time we learn from a later passage in the ancient
> text that Nibiru/Marduk himself gained three satellites as a result
> of this encounter. Although the Sumerians texts describe how, after
> its eventual capture into solar orbit, Nibiru/Marduk revisited the
> outer planets and eventually shaped them into the system as we know
> it today, the very first encounter already explains the various
> puzzles that modern astronomy faced or still faces regarding Neptune,
> Uranus, their moons, & their rings. Past Neptune and Uranus,
> Nibiru/Marduk was drawn even more into the midst of the planetary
> system as it reached the immense gravitational pulls of Saturn
> (AN.SHAR, "Foremost of the Heavens") & Jupiter (KI.SHAR, "Foremost of
> the Firm Lands").
> As Nibiru/Marduk "approached and stood as though in combat" near
> Anshar/Saturn, the two planets "kissed their lips." It was then that
> the "destiny," the orbital path, of Nibiru/Marduk was changed
> forever. It was also then that the chief satellite of Saturn, GA.GA
> (the eventual Pluto), was pulled away in the direction of Mars and
> Venus-a direction possible only by the retrograde force of
> Nibiru/Marduk. Making a vast elliptical orbit, Gaga eventually
> returned to the outermost reaches of the Solar System. There
> it "addressed" Neptune and Uranus as it passed their orbits on the
> swing back. It was the beginning of the process by which Gaga was to
> become our Pluto, with its inclined and peculiar orbit that sometimes
> takes it between Neptune and Uranus. The new "destiny," or orbital
> path, of Nibiru/Marduk was now irrevocably set toward the olden
> planet Tiamat.
> At that time, relatively early in the formation of the Solar System,
> it was marked by instability, especially (we learn from the text) in
> the region of Tiamat. While other planets nearby were still wobbling
> in their orbits. Tiamat was pulled in many directions by the two
> giants beyond her and the two smaller planets between her and the
> Sun. One result was the tearing off her, or the gathering around her,
> of a "host" of satellites "furious with rage," in the poetic language
> of the text(named by scholars the Epic of Creation). These
> satellites, "roaring monsters," were "clothed with terror"
> and "crowned with halos," swirling furioulsy about and orbiting as
> though they were "celestial gods"-planets. Most dangerous to the
> stability or safety of the other planets was Tiamat's "leader of the
> host," a large satellite that grew to almost planetary size and was
> about to attain its independent "destiny"-its own orbit around the
> Sun. Tiamat "cast a spell for him, to sit amoung the celestial gods
> she exalted him." It was called in Sumerian KIN.GU-"Great Emissary."
> Now the text raised the curtain on the unfolding drama; I have
> recounted it, step by step, in The 12th Planet. As in a Greek
> tragedy, the ensuing "celestial battle" was unavoidable as
> gravitational and magnetic forces came inexorably into play, leading
> to the collision between the oncoming Nibiru/Marduk with its seven
> satellites ("winds" in the ancient text) and Tiamat and its "host" of
> eleven satellites headed by Kingu. Although they were headed on a
> collision course, Tiamat orbiting counterclockwise and Nibiru/Marduk
> clockwise, the two planets did not collide-a fact of cardinal
> astronomical importance. It was the satellites, or "winds," (literal
> Sumerian meaning:"Those that are by the side") of Nibiru/Marduk that
> smashed into Tiamut and collided with her satellites. In the first
> such encounter, the first phase of the Celestial Battle,
> The four winds he stationed
> that nothing of her could escape:
> The South Wind, the North Wind,
> the East Wind, the West Wind.
> Close to his side he held the net,
> the gift of his grandfather Anu who brought forth
> the Evil Wind, the Whirlwind and the Hurricane...
> He sent forth the winds which he had created,
> the sevenof them; to trouble Tiamat within they rose up behind him.
> These "winds," or satellites, of Nibiru/Marduk, "the seven of them,"
> were the principal "weapons" with which Tiamat was attacked in the
> first phase of the Celestial Battle. But the invading planet had
> other "weapons" too:
> In front of him he set the lightning,
> with a blazing flame he filled his body;
> He then made a net to enfold Tiamat therein...
> A fearsome halo his head was turbaned,
> He was trapped with awesome terror as with a cloak.
> As the two planets and their hosts of satellites came close enough
> for Nibiru/Marduk to "scan the inside of Tiamat" and "perceive the
> scheme of Kingu," Nibiru/Marduk attacked Tiamat with his "net"
> (magnetic field?) to "enfold her," shooting at the old planet immense
> bolts of electricity ("divine lightnings"), Tiamat "was filled with
> brilliance"-slowing down, heating up, "becoming distended." Wide gaps
> opened in its crust, perhaps emitting steam and volcanic matter. Into
> one widening fissure Nibiru/Marduk thrust one of its main satellites,
> the one called "Evil Wind." It tore Tiamat's belly, cut through her
> insides, splitting her heart." Besides splitting up Tiamat
> and "extinguishing her life," the first encounter sealed the fate of
> the moonlets orbiting her-all except the planetlike Kingu. Caught in
> the "net"-the magnetic and gravitational pull-of
> Nibiru/Marduk, "shattered, broken up," the members of the "band of
> Tiamat" were thrown off their previos course and foced into new
> orbital paths in the opposite direction: "Trembling with fear, they
> turned their backs about." Thus were the comets created=thus, we
> learn from a 6,000 year-old text, did the comets obtain their greatly
> elliptical and retrograde orbits. As to Kingu, Tiamat's principal
> satellite, the text informs us that in that first phase of the
> celestial collision Kingu was just deprived of its almost-independent
> orbit. Nibiru/Marduk took away from him, his "destiny." Nibiru/Marduk
> made Kingu into a DUG.GA.E, "a mass of lifeless clay," devoid of
> atmosphere, waters, shrunken in size; and "with fetters bound him,"
> to remain in orbit around the battered Tiamat.
> Having vanquished Tiamat, Nibiru/Marduk sailed on on his
> new "destiny." The Sumerian text leaves no doubt that the erstwhile
> invader orbited the Sun:
> He crossed the heavens and surveyed the regions, and Apsu's quarter
> he measured; The Lord the dimensions of the Apsu measured. Having
> circled the Sun(Apsu), Nibiru/Marduk continued into distant space.
> But now, caught forever in solar orbit, it had to turn back. On his
> return round, EA/Neptune was there to greet him and Anshar/Saturn
> hailed his victory. Then his new orbital path returned him to the
> scene of the Celestial Battle, "turned back to Tiamat whom he had
> bound."
> The Lord paused to view her lifeless body.
> To divide the monster he then artfully planned.
> Then, as like a mussel shell, he split her into two parts.
> With this act the creation of "the heaven" reached its final stage,
> and the creation of Earth and its Moon began. First the new impacts
> broke Tiamat into two halves. The upper part, her "skull," was struck
> by the Nibiru/Marduk satellite called North Wind; the blow carried
> it, and with it Kingu, "to places that have been unknown"-to a brand-
> new orbit where there had not been a planet before. The Earth and our
> Moon were created. The other half of Tiamat was smashed by the
> impacts into bits and pieces. This lower half, her "tail,"
> was "hammered together" to become a "bracelet" in the heavens:
> Locking the pieces together,
> as watchmen he stationed them...
> He bent Tiamat's tail to form the Great Band as a bracelet.
> Thus was "the Great Band," the Asteroid Belt, created. Having
> disposed of Tiamat and Kingu, Nibiru/Marduk once again "crossed the
> heavens and surveyed the regions." This time his attention was
> focused on the "Dwelling of EA" (Neptune), giving that planet and its
> twinlike Uranus their final makeup. Nibiru/Marduk also, according to
> the ancient text, provided Gaga/Pluto with its final "destiny,"
> assigning to it "a hidden place"-a hitherto unknown part of the
> heavens. It was farther out than Neptune's location; it was, we are
> told, "in the Deep"-far out in space. In line with its new position
> as the outermost planet, it was granted a new name: US.MI-"He Who
> Shows the Way," the first planet encountered coming into the Solar
> System-that is, from outer space toward the Sun. Thus was Pluto
> created and put into the orbit it now holds. Having thus "constructed
> the stations" for the planets, Nibiru/Marduk made two "abodes" for
> itself. One was in the "Firmament," as the asteroid belt was also
> called the the ancient texts; the other far out "in the Deep" was
> called the "Great/Distant Abode," alias E.SHARRA ("Abode/Home of the
> Ruler/Prince"). Modern astronomers call these two planetary positions
> the perigee (the orbital point nearest the Sun) and the apogee (the
> farthest one). It is an orbit, as concluded form the evidence amassed
> in The 12th Planet, that takes 3,600 years to complete. Thus did the
> Invader that came from outer space become the twelfth member of the
> Solar System, a system made up of the Sun in the center, with its
> longtime companion Mercury; the three olden pairs (Venus and Mars,
> Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune); the Earth and the Moon, the
> remains of the great Tiamat, though in a new position; the newly
> independent Pluto; and the planet that put it all into final shape,
> Nibiru/Marduk. Modern astronomy and recent discoveries uphold and
> corroborate this millennia-old tale.
> Zecharia Sitchin
> Report by Zecharia Sitchin
> Dialogue in Bellaria
> In what must be a historic first, a high official of the Vatican and
> a Hebrew scholar discussed the issue of Extraterrestrials and the
> Creation of Man, and though different from each other in upbringing,
> background, religion and methodology, nevertheless arrived at common
> conclusions:
> * Yes, Extraterrestrials can and do exist on other planets
> * Yes, they can be more advanced than us
> * Yes, materially, Man could have been fashioned from a pre-existing
> sentient being.
> The Participants
> The high Vatican official was Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a Catholic
> theologian with impressive credentials: A member of the Curia of the
> Roman Catholic Church, a Prelate of the Congregation for the
> Evangelization of Peoples and the Propagation of the Faith, leading
> exorcist of the Archdiocese of Rome, a member of the Vatican's
> Beatification Committee, an expert on Demonology and the author of
> several books. Appointed in the Vatican to deal with the issue of
> UFO's and Extraterrestrials, he has made in recent years
> pronouncements indicating a tolerance of the subjects; but he has
> never before met and had a dialogue with a Hebrew scholar, and gone
> beyond prescribed formulations to include the touchy issue of the
> Creation of Man.
> The Hebrew scholar was me -- Zecharia Sitchin: A researcher of
> ancient civilizations, a biblical archaeologist, a descendant of
> Abraham
> The Monsignor and I almost met for such a dialogue last December, but
> it did not come about. This time we were scheduled to meet in
> Bellaria, Italy, at a conference whose theme was "The Mystery of
> Human Existence." I arrived there with my wife and a score of fans
> from the USA, on March 31st, scheduled to address the audience of
> over a thousand the next day. The Monsignor was nowhere in sight; but
> he was there the next morning to hear my presentation. "I drove the
> whole night from Rome to hear you," he said.
> Sitchin's Presentation
> My talk, ably translated by my Italian editor Tuvia Fogel, included a
> slide presentation that added a pictorial dimension to the evidence
> from ancient times in support of Sumerian texts, on which my eight
> books based the following conclusions:
> We are not alone -- not just in the vast universe, but in our own
> solar system; There is one more planet in our solar system, orbiting
> beyond Pluto but nearing Earth periodically;
> Advanced "Extraterrestrials" -- the Sumerians called them Anunnaki,
> the Bible Nefilim -- started to visit our planet some 450,000 years
> ago; And, some 300,000 years ago, they engaged in genetic engineering
> to upgrade Earth's hominids and fashion Homo sapiens, the Adam. In
> that, they acted as Emissaries for the Universal Creator -- God.
> The Dialogue
> "We have much to talk about," Msgr. Balducci said to me as he came
> forward to congratulate me on my presentation; "I have great esteem
> for your scholarship," he said.
> We returned to the hotel for lunch. Our table was surrounded in a
> semi-circle by my American fans, intent on not missing a word of the
> forthcoming dialogue. In the hours-long session, Msgr. Balducci
> outlined the positions he was going to state, from a prepared text,
> in his talk the next day. While my approach was based on physical
> evidence, his was a purely Roman Catholic theological-philosophical
> one, seeking the spiritual aspects. Yet, our conclusions converged.
> Msgr. Balducci's Positions
> ON UFO's. "There must be something in it." The hundreds and thousands
> of eyewitness reports leave no room for denying that there is a
> measure of truth in them, even allowing for optical illusions,
> atmospheric phenomena and so on. As a Catholic theologian such
> witnessing cannot be dismissed. "Witnessing is one way of
> transmitting truth, and in the case of the Christian religion, we are
> talking about a Divine Revelation in which witnessing is crucial to
> the credibility of our faith."
> ON LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS: "That life may exist on other planets is
> certainly possible... The Bible does not rule out that possibility.
> On the basis of scripture and on the basis of our knowledge of God's
> omnipotence, His wisdom being limitless, we must affirm that life on
> other planets is possible." Moreover, this is not only possible, but
> also credible and even probable. '"Cardinal Nicolo Cusano (1401-1464)
> wrote that there is not a single star in the sky about which we can
> rule out the existence of life, even if different from ours."
> Extraterrestrials, we must think of beings who are like us -- more
> probably, beings more advanced than us, in that their nature is an
> association of a material part and a spiritual part, a body and a
> soul, although in different proportions than human beings on Earth."
> Angels are beings who are purely spiritual, devoid of bodies, while
> we are made up of spirit and matter but still at a low level. "It is
> entirely credible that in the enormous distance between Angels and
> humans, there could be found some middle stage, that is beings with a
> body like ours but more elevated spiritually. If such intelligent
> beings really exist on other planets, only science will be able to
> prove; but in spite of what some people think, we would be in a
> position to reconcile their existence with the Redemption that Christ
> has brought us."
> The Anunnaki and the Creation of Man
> Well then, I asked Msgr. Balducci, does it mean that my presentation
> was no great revelation to you? We appear to agree, I said, that more
> advanced extraterrestrials can exist, and I use science to evidence
> their coming to Earth ...I then quote the Sumerian texts that say
> that the Anunnaki ("Those who from heaven to Earth came") genetically
> improved an existing being on Earth to create the being that the
> Bible calls Adam.,p>
> My conclusion regarding your presentation, Msgr. Balducci answered,
> is that more than anything else your whole approach is based on
> physical evidence, it concerns itself with matter, not with spirit.
> This is an important distinction, "because if this distinction is
> made, I can bring up the view of the great theologian,Professor
> Father Marakoff, who is still alive and is greatly respected by the
> Church. He formulated the hypothesis that when God created Man and
> put the soul into him, perhaps what is meant is not that Man was
> created from mud or lime, but from something pre-existing, even from
> a sentient being capable of feeling and perception. So the idea of
> taking a pre-man or hominid and creating someone who is aware of
> himself is something that Christianity is coming around toâ?¦The key
> is
> the distinction between the material body and the soul granted by
> God."
> From Anunnaki to God
> Yes, I responded to the Vatican theologian, in my writings I deal
> with the physical evidence; but already in my first book (The 12th
> Planet), the very last sentence of the last paragraph raises the
> question: If the Extraterrestrials "created" us, who created them on
> their planet?
> From this my own thinking and the contents of my subsequent books
> evolved toward the spiritual or "divine" aspects. The Anunnaki, I
> have explained, were just emissaries (and that is what the Hebrew
> word Malachim, translated Angels, means). They thought that it was
> their decision to come here for selfish reasons and to fashion us
> because they needed workers; but in truth they only carried out the
> Almighty God's wishes and plans.
> If such Extraterrestrials were so involved, Msgr. Balducci said, even
> by your own interpretation they had to do with Man's physics, body
> and rationality: but God alone had to do with the Soul!
> My second book, that deals with Man's aspiration to ascend the
> heavens, is titled The Stairway to Heaven, I told Msgr, Balducci, "it
> seems to me that we are ascending the same stairway to heaven, though
> from different steps," I said.
> We ended the dialogue as friends, determined to stay in touch and
> continue.
> Zecharia Sitchin can be reached by writing to:
> P.O. Box 577, New York, NY 10185
> Following Sitchin's opinion, Nibiru is approaching again. It has been
> photographed by an infrared sat-system called "Siloe" in 1999: it's
> nor civil, nor militar and nor NASA's...maybe Vatican's ???
> http://utenti.lycos.it/ufopsi/ufodc/clype.html
> Here is an Interesting Celestial Link!
> http://www.marssociety.org
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