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VMs: Re: V-shaped battlements

Hi Rafal,

> - almost all swallow tail castles (with two exceptions) have square towers,
> not round ones,
> - none (none!) of the castles with swallow tail towers also has "lightning
> conductor" style towers.

Except for the Kremlin in Moscow - as I pointed out earlier and it seems
to have gone unnoticed. It was built by Italian architects in the 15th
has round towers with lightning conductors, etc. So why should it be
excluded? Besides, I have always felt there is something vaguely
Byzantine/Russian about the VMS ornaments.

Here is a nice site about the Kremlin with a number of photographs,
showing the towers and dove/swallow-tail battlements:


Well, I for one certainly noticed it! :-) Also supporting this notion:
(1) the short stumpy towers depicted are certainly reminiscent of the short stumpy towers dotted around the 9-rosette page
(2) the water-pumping tower is also reminiscent of the filaretian multi-stage tower on the 9-rosette page (Petr's scan is the clearest I've seen for this).

Incidentally, while we're on an Eastern European theme, perhaps I should mention an obscure (but non-verified) herbal I've seen referred to (though I can't find the reference, sorry), dating to after Caterina Sforza but before Isabella Cortese... that of Bona Sforza, who married the Polish king Zygmunt I. When she moved from Italy to Poland, she is reputed to have brought many herbs and vegetables with her (eg, in Poland, soup-greens are called "Italian vegetables" in her honour).


However, despite her importance at the time, there appears to be little of historical substance on her herbal connection - perhaps this would be an interesting research lead for someone to follow?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....