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VMs: Early herbals experts database


Perhaps a potentially useful contact for expanding the research by Singer,
O'Neill, Toresella, Rene, Dennis, Dana, Philip et al. on the Botanical
section, Professor Salvatore Pezzella has written a few interesting pieces
on Italian medieval herbals:


Gli erbari : i primi libri di medicina : "(le virtù curative delle piante)"
/ Perugia : Grifo, 1993.

Magia delle Erbe 1,2,3 - Ed. Mediterranee

and medieval astrology/astronomy:

L¹Astrologia e l¹astronomia nella Firenze medioevale
(published in the prominent Italian alchemical quarterly journal

Sample conference: Il viaggio affascinante della Passiflora negli antichi
(The fascinating journey of Passiflora in the old herbariums)15 ­ 09 - 2001

At least until last year, I understand he also used to advice/direct
(co-owned?) this small restaurant in Umbria, specialized in ancient flavors:

La bottega degli antichi sapori
Via Borgo Aretino 
06081 Assisi (Perugia)
Tel: + 39 075 812270

no email address yet, though... but looking

...nor for medieval herbals specialist, Dr Minta Collins', either - who
currently resides in Geneva.



"There is nothing in these comparisons to convince any student that he has
found a counterpart or original for a Voynich manuscript drawing in any
other herbal manuscript. There is always a possibility, of course, that some
manuscript or early printed work with drawings closely akin to those in the
Voynich manuscript may yet be turned up by some diligent researcher."
(d'Imperio, p.75).