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VMs: Voynich trivia, was Re: On April 9th 1626

I don't know about Francis Bacon, and I am
not entirely sure what is meant by 'stuffing a
chicken with snow'. Seems pretty harmless to
But for sure, the mathematician 'Boole', whose
name has become attached to logical mathematics,
died a very peculiar death, also realted to
exposure, but this in his own bed.
He was the father of Ethel Voynich, i.e. he would
have been Wilfrid's father in law.

Cheers, Rene

--- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> At 19:29 09/04/02 -0700, Dana Scott wrote:
> >I wonder what killed him?
> He probably didn't microwave it thoroughly enough.
> :-)
> PS: as GC pointed out, the story is almost certainly
> wrong in every respect 
> - but that's history for you. :-)
> >Nick Pelling wrote:
> >
> > > "On April 9th 1626, Francis Bacon, Viscount St
> Albans, died as a result of
> > > a deep-freezing experiment. A former Lord
> Chancellor sacked for accepting
> > > bribes as a judge, his essays still feature in
> dictionaries of quotations.
> > > He is also remembered for his theories about the
> Utopian community of
> > > Atlantis -- but it was his interest in
> preserving food which killed him.
> > > While driving in North London, he got out of his
> carriage and stuffed a
> > > chicken with snow. He caught a chill and died
> soon afterwards."

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