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VMs: Balneological comparisons...?

Hi everyone,

While looking for balneological similarities, I stumbled (again) across Pietro da Eboli (AKA Petrus de Ebulo) whose "De Balneis Puteoli" / "De Balneis Puteolanis" (1227) was first mentioned on-list here by Brian Smith.

What I didn't realise about this was that it was a poem dedicated to Frederick II, describing the virtues of 35 different spas.


Now: thanks to the sharp eye of Philip Neal, we should know that f81r is the only page in the VMS whose text looks obviously as though it's a poem. And given that it should connect with f78v... taken together, this pair of pages seem to imply that the text describes a spa-town with three connected baths (or perhaps on the side of the hill, with two above the third).

It's possible that these disparate pieces of information may be enough to significantly shorten the list of possible candidate stanzas of the poem to compare against!

Just a thought... :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....