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VMs: Lazeri revisited


Interestingly, according to researcher Ugo Baldini from Padua, in half a
dozen of recently found documents from the Archives of the Inquisition he
found no other than Jesuit Petrus Lazeri as the man responsible for
interspersing 'De Revolutionibus Orbium' as evidenced in hundreds of special
permits to read Copernicus' work, which eventually was deleted from the
Roman Index of Forbidden Books in 1758 - and changed the Western world's
cosmological vision of the universe.

Copernicus'  'De Revolutionibus' was included on the Index of Prohibited
Books in 1616 mainly because of the Galileo's inquisitorial process, but
since it was a work dedicated to the Pope and due to its importance for the
Julian/Gregorian Calendrical Reform, it was only made subject to strict
revision by the Church (not fully forbidden). A corrected version was
finally issued in 1620, but remained censored even after it was deleted from
the Index in 1758.

Perhaps the book became elusive because his last name has been often spelt
both ways.