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VMs: Re: Castles and weird manuscripts (facts)

--- Petr Kazil <kazil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The best matching catles are indeed in the Aosta
> Valley because there I've
> found two that have Ghibelline merlons, square and
> round towers and
> lightning conductors:
> Il castello die Fenis - 1340 - definitive state
> reached around 1400

Which one can actually visit. It's huge but the layout
is not at all like the on in the VMs.
> And Castel Coira in "Alta Adige"

> This one doesn't have round towers but it has a gate
> with two lightning conductors.

It has indeed! I like this one very much - I had not 
seen it before.
Note that there's a castle in St.Piere (one or two
close to Fenis, that also has a church spire. But
no (or hardly any) ghibelline merlons. 
Of course, I don't know what any of these castles
like in the1400's.
>I have borrowed a treatise on
> Opicinus de Canistris -
> Cod. Pal. lat. 1993. These drawings combine
> theology, mapmaking, anatomy and
> God knows what else. The german book (Richard
> Salomon, Opicinus de Canistris, 1936) 

... have you read D'Imperio? Salomon was one of
the people who were interested in the VMs puzzle
in the early years.

> I have found no pictures from this codex on the web,

I have one which is in a book you should surely
be able to find in the KB:
'De geschiedenis van de cartografie; de kunst van
de kaartenmakers. John Goss, Zuid boekproducties,
1994". It's on page 330. The book is originally in
English: "The mapmaker's art", 1993.

Cheers, Rene 

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