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VMs: Re: Voynich & Baresch, non-boring(!) historical details

    In 1633 the eminent French humanist FABRI de PEIRESC, in
    forwarding to KIRCHER, a sketch of letters engraved on
    the sword of GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS , pointed out that they:
    "ne sont pas sans qudq rapport d'ailleurs de vos alphabets
    de Barachias, si la memoire no me trompe" v. PUG. 568 f. 364.
    Aix, 30 March 1633.,

but can't see the sketch of any engraved letters.

Look again - there are some red marks and some lines in the left hand margin of this image, though these are barely visible with the pervasive ink bleeding through from the previous page.

It may be possible to make these faint marks more visible by lining up and partially subtracting the contents of the previous page from this image.