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VMs: Re: Barachia

Gabriel Landini wrote:
> Maybe "Barachia" means something else
> There is a Kircher letter not in the online catalogue:
> 2.      ---. "Obelisci Aegyptiaci Sive Solaris Barachiae 
> Abennephi Interpretatio Arabica.", Rome,
> Archivum Pontificiae Universitatis Gregorianae. Call 
> Number: APUG 830 (folio numers to be checked)
> Notes: Cited in Fletcher, AK und ...., p. 180.

Yes, it must be something else. I have found this book
printed by the Prague University press in 1661:

      BARACHIA NIKDANI, RABBI. Parabolae Vulpium. Prague, Typogr. 
      Universitatis, 1661. Small 8vo. Contemporary vellum. 
      Engraved frontispiece. 

      $ 19,500.- / ? 20.946,90 

      Rare first edition of the Hebrew fables of Rabbi Barachia 
      Nikdani together with their Latin translation 
      by Melchior Hanel. The book is printed parallel in 
      two languages, Hebrew and Latin throughout.- Good copy.- 
      (Few minor defects).- Brunet I, 642-643; no copy in NUC.

So Barachia is a Hebrew first name.

Best regards,