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VMs: Re: Barachias

    > [Prof. Miller(?):] There is no connection between your man
    > Baresch and the Barachias [Nephi] of the Peiresc and Kircher
    > correspondence. That name refers to a fictitious rabbi of the
    > 9th century that Kircher invented to cover over his fabrication
    > of a key to hieroglyphics.


Notice that the manuscript, Marci's "cover letter", and all the
original letters that mention Georg Baresch and/or the VMS were found
among Kircher's correspondence at PUG...

...so here is Voynich Theory 12,332-B: not only the VMS, but also all
those letters, were faked by Kircher himself!  And Georg Baresch is no
more real than Rabbi Barachias!

This theory explains a lot of things, e.g. the ludicrous laudatory
comments about Kircher contained in those letters. How obvious:
that is just Kircher praising himself!

And how about the Chinese theory, you ask? Well, Kircher himself wrote
a book about China ("China Illustrata", 1678), and he even got help on
that from a Christian Chinese native, who was called Matthew and lived
in Rome. So there you have it: the VMS was created by Matthew reading
aloud some Chinese text, which Kircher wrote down in a new Universal
Alphabet which he invented one day over breakfast. The purpose? Well,
consider the barely disguised price-pumping ad on the cover ("an
Emperor once paid 600 ducats for this book"), spiced up by a hint at
Bacon's authorship...

All the best,

--stolfi ;-)

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