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VMs: RE: VMS -- Botany (f33v)

Hi Dana,
this is fiction, no facts.Just a story about Rudolf.

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> Subject:	VMs:  VMS -- Botany (f33v)
> I wonder what this is all about? I do not recall having seen this
> before. It looks like the left flower in the VMS f33v was flipped over
> to the right side of the drawing and three additional leaves were added.
> The remaining flowers were dropped from the drawing and no roots/tubers
> are shown. I would like to see the text which is not legible here.
> Interesting. I wonder if there is more at Palermo?
> Page down to the 12th paragraph/section titled "Aggripas Mundi":
> http://www.creatores.de/ru303099.htm
> University of Palermo:
> http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/11420a.htm
> http://www.unipa.it/
> Regards,
> Dana Scott