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VMs: Re: On the multiple religious meanings of stars in circles

From: Luis Vélez <legal1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Allow me to share just this one lightweight scan from the Alchimistischen
Manuskript (1550) kept in the University of Basilea (Switzerland)...
couldn't help noticing the alchemical star within its usual "magic circle",
very similar to that of f69r...

It is rather Voynichesque, isn't it?

My copyflo arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have been going through
it. By and large there were no surprises - a tribute to the careful
descriptions in the EVMT files and on Rene's web site. I expect to be
posting some thoughts soon.

It isn't a new observation, but the absence of Christian imagery is
even more striking when you see the whole thing. My thoughts are
drawn away from the mediaeval period to the Renaissance world of
humanism. The trouble is that there are so many gorgeous Renaissance
manuscripts that museum sites and catalogues neglect to display
more amateurish work like the VMS or this scan by Luis. If anybody
spots more stuff like this, please post links and references.

Philip Neal

PS I have made scans, from the copyflo, of the entire recipes section.
They don't look good but they are legible and I am prepared to share

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