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VMs: Re: VMS rant

Petr? sent...

> >I get the feeling that the old-time
> >researchers have a hidden cache of old VMS information that's not
> >anywhere or that is not easily accessible. There's no way the newcomers
> >catch up with that.

Ahhh - a consipiracy theory involving VMS old-timers (to be defined by one's
own perspective)!
The secret hidden vault of Frogguy, Landini, & Zandbergen perhaps? You've
been discovered!
Access to information police will be hunting you down now - it's time to
declassify your hidden
archives and let the world really know what you've been up to!

Jorge - stop shredding those old manuscripts you've been hiding with the
missing VMS pages!
How else could you have implanted Mickey Mouse onto a page!

> >But seriously - I've been doing some random research the last months.
> >had fun and I've learned a lot but haven't come up with anything really
> >Is this the way to go forward? What are the directions in which the
> >researchers still expect some real progress?

Progress? What a concept. Directions - another great concept. Remember,
everyone -
this is a hobby! We'd like to have everyone agree with our own perspective
pet theories,
but nobody can provide any solid evidence that they are on the right track
and everybody
else is heading in the wrong direction... Pizza still pending...

    Sorry, for the sarcasm - but one has to wonder why anyone would think
anybody has a secret
cache of hidden data they aren't sharing (except for their most bizarre
private theories that aren't ready
for prime time yet). This also answers the question as to why Yale hasn't
dated the document, has seemingly
made it extremely difficult to copy, etc... It's not some conspiracy that
they don't want it solved because
it's worth more unsolved - it's that they are 1)too lazy, 2) a bureaucracy,
and 3) not interested.