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VMs: Re: The Casanova thesis (was VMS rant)

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Philip Neal a écrit:

> >I have downloaded the French thesis by Antoine Casanova "Méthodes d'analyse
> >du langage crypté : Une contribution a l'étude du manuscrit de Voynich"
> >from
> >1999. It looks like a thorough post-d'Imperio study. But French is not my
> >strongest language and I suspect that the contents are more of a
> >philosophical nature than a direct analysis attempt. What is the "common
> >opinion" on this work? Is it worth reading cover-to-cover ?
> I haven't read it through, but I have skimmed it. I think it is best
> described as an independent verification of all the well known
> results: the MS is redundant in terms of Shannon information, isn't
> a polyalphabetic substitution, has some of the characteristics
> of an artificial language and so on.
> It is a reputable piece of work but it says nothing very new.
> I could not identify any truly original analysis comparable to the
> Currier material.
> Philip Neal
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