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VMs: Re: Introduction

Hi Wieland,

Glad to have you on board! :-)

> Thanks for your answer!

A good question is always worth trying to answer! :-)

> > (3) the alphabet evolved out of a very late wax-tablet tachygraphic system
> > (4) the alphabet evolved out of an specialist shorthand system, probably
> > astrological
> "evolved out of a tachygraphic system"
> A tachygraphic system. A very good suggestion! Not thought about that
> before, but why only "evolved out of" why not "is"?

If the VMS itself was a tachygraphic system, I'm pretty sure that it would show different statistical properties from those that it does. Hmmm... that's not exactly the strongest argument in the world, but it's all I have to show at the moment. :-/

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....