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VMs: Re: Random discoveries in the library

On Bob and Jorge'is comments about the 19-year metonic cicle:

In his work "Astronomy and Astrology in the 12th century", Nicholas Whyte

> The astrolabe helps a certain amount with the equinox, which at least always
> takes place at constant intervals, but the lunar month varies in length. Full
> moons repeat themselves on a cycle that is roughly but not exactly 19 years,
> and the cycle that had been used by the Church was known to be out of synch
> with Nature by several days. Haskins lists a good dozen computistical works
> written in the twelfth century. Some of their writers, including Roger of
> Hereford, are aware of the improved lunar theory of the Arabs, who had
> developed it because they used a fundamentally lunar calendar. This tradition
> culminated of course with Roger Bacon in the following century.


I just wonder if Bacon's culmination of the Arabs' improved lunar calendar
tradition would go along or in conflict with the Voynich as we know it? Do
we know the details of his position about this?

I have sent Mr Whyte an email inquiring for his opinion about f67r; reply to