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VMs: Alchemy in Czechia - Translation

In my humble but learned opinion (having Spanish as mother's tongue), the 'precision' in the sentence refers to Prague, not to the planetary orbits. Thus, it should be translated (and rewritten for clarity) as follows:

"... Johannes Kepler -- who (precisely in Prague) described the laws governing the planets' orbits."


Claudio Antonini

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I'll take a crack at it:

Por ello, la generosa mano del monarca checo financiaba tanto a estudiosos
serios, como a impostores que trataban de aprovecharse al máximo de su
mecenazgo. En la Praga Rudolfina se desempeñaron los conocidos alquimistas
Edward Kelley y John Dee, y los famosos astrónomos Ticho de Brahe y Juan
Képler - quien precisamente en Praga enunciara las leyes sobre las órbitas

Thus, the generous hand of the Czech monarch financed serious students, as
well as imposters who tried to take full advantage of their patronage.  In
Rudolfine Prague evolved the well-known alchemists Edward Kelley and John
Dee, and the famous astronomers Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler -- who
precisely described the laws governing the planets' orbits.

(The sentence structure on the second is a bit awkard, to match the
originaly phrasing, but the intent should be clear.)

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