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> > 1. Do people out there think a solution is imminent? Where will it come
> > from?
It will probably be an aha! and will appear really simple when found.
> > 2. How do people one get hooked on the Voynich? I saw some notions
> > of terrible addiction.

I got "hooked" when I read "The Codebreakers" many years ago, forgot about
it for a long time, and stumbled on the mailing list and websites about 5 yr
ago, rekindled interest.

> > 3. The list seems to be in a lull; does that mean people are frustrated?
As others have said, it is a secondary hobby, and time may not be available
for many.   I've noticed some irregular cycles.

> > 4. How serious is the research that has been done lately?
All reserach on the MS is serious; the approaches vary according to the
researcher.  Linguistics, history, botany, statistics, and other approaches
have been tried.

> > 5. Are there people out there who still think the ms. is a hoax?


5. (is this 5a?) Some people seem to lean toward the idea that its language
is a
> > monosyllabic East-Asian language such as Chinese or Vietnamese; what
> > are the arguments and counter-arguments?
these can be found in the extensive archives. I have no personal opinion.

> > 6. Does the Voynich-community ever meet in the real world, or is this
> > an Internet-community? How many people are involved in the deciphering
> > on a regular basis? Are you friends?

sometimes listmembers meet, I know I would like to meet them someday in the

Studying the MS is one of those "it's the journey" things for me; I will
very probably not find out much about it myself.

Don Latham