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VMs: Re: VMs as Numbers

hi Robert :-) 

FWIW: I think "9", 3 x 3 TTT board etc..and you have your logarithm(s)
+ n(1)/4?  +n(3)?
      to include ALL characaters and ALL NUMBERS (to 81/2)

The "gallow(s) characters" ~Shift~ the pointer (NUMBER) though :-(
So, I don't know the "equation" here yet :-(

Best to you & yours
steve (the arabic/numerial "0" is in there TWICE!) ekwall

 Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 14:27:22 +0800
 From: robertjf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 To: Voynich Ms. mailing list <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: VMs:  VMs as Numbers
 A quick thought.  If the VMs is mostly encoded numbers,
 then there is a fairly powerful test of this hypothesis.
 Just as Zipf's Law predicts word frequency, so Benford's
 Law predicts the frequencies of the initial digits of a
 sequence of numbers.  In a nutshell, P(n) = log(n+1) - log(n)
 Assuming we can identify the initial digit, and assuming also
 we can identify the base (surely 10 for encoded Roman
 numerals), then all we have to do is translate into Arabic
 decimal notation and compute the frequencies.
 Hope that's vagely useful