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VMs: RE: VMS numbering systems hypotheses...

> >I'm sure you personally make a very fine pizza, but
> the goal here
> >appears to be that one not Make the pizza, rather
> consume it.  Are
> >you too offering a pizza to the winner?  I do have quite an
> >appetite! :-)
> I'd rather bake a huge one and share it between
> everyone that has
> contributed. :-)

My seconds to that -- like many, I am greedy of pursuit, but very
charitable in both victory and loss.  If the truth be known, I'm
having so much fun and learning so much by studying the VMS that I
will be saddened when it is solved.  So saddened that even if I am
the one to produce the solution, a pizza will not be enough
consolation for the loss of our community, which must surely
dissolve upon completion of our task.