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VMs: Re: All quiet on the VMS front

At 07:41 24/06/02 -0400, John Grove wrote:
This is one of the benefits from EVA for me - at least I can visualize the
patterns as similar to one another: The rare '@' looks like 'in' looks like
'iin' looks like 'iiin' and the rare 'b' looks like the rare 'cb' 'ccb' and

The reason I'm suspicious of *all* transcriptions is that I'm far from convinced we understand what the intentions of the author were: and the closer I get to the VMS, the more I feel that it's a multi-layered cipher designed partly around steganography, but mainly around *misdirection*.

For sure, EVA isn't perfect, but insofar as it allows for the kind of cipherbet-agnostic pattern matching that John describes, I think it's pretty much good enough. Perhaps we might be able to catch a glance of a numbering-system through these kinds of patterns - or perhaps see some kind of non-obvious internal structuring within a page.