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VMs: Re: VMs - List of plants

Hello Claudio,

   It appears that there are numerous toxic plants in the VMS collection. In
addition, some of the plants may be classified as  medicinal, cosmetic, and
culinary. Extracts from certain plants were applied to human eyes for medicinal
or cosmetic reasons. An interesting classification might be plants that
identify with the sun and others that relate to the moon. The origins of the
plants seem to be widespread, including Europe, Africa, Australia, and the
Western Hemisphere. There may also be plants from Asia though I have only done
a cursory study of the flora from this region. Alkaloids, tinctures/dyes,
beverages, and fiber uses have not yet been investigated. There is still a
great deal of work to be done in identifying, classifying, and understanding
why these particular plants were selected.

Dana Scott

Claudio Antonini wrote:

> Hi Dana,
> I saw your list of plants and was wondering if you have saw any pattern in
> the order that the plants are presented. For that, one needs to know the
> purpose of each plant according to the uses that were given in the 15th or
> 16th century. For example, the drawings might be grouped as medicinal,
> edible, poisonous, alkaloids, or used to produce tinctures/dyes, beverages
> or fibers.
> They might also be classified as natural of certain regions: North of
> Europe, West, East, ....
> If you can find any such pattern it might help in identifying the rest of
> the plants.
> Cheers,
> Claudio
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