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VMs: A 'Rosetta stone' figure?

--- Philip Neal <philipneal_vms@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The esotericarchives site seems excellent to me, and
> Mr Peterson deserves our thanks.

Indeed. I finally found back a figure which I had
only briefly seen once before, and which allows
a tantalising comparison with the centre of 
one of the VMs circular diagrams. Unfortunately,
from where I am typing now, I have no possibilty
to identify the VMs page, but I can describe
as follows. In the centre there is a 'star' or
'flower' with six points, and in each of the six
segments is one VMs character, except in one,
where there is Eva: 'ed' (Currier C8).
Now look at Peter of Abano's:


and scroll down a bit, to the six-pointed star
This also has 6 characters, except the one with
'H' has an additional caret near it. 

Abano almost certainly predates the VMs. It is
not at all a farfetched idea that whoever wrote
the VMs would have been familiar with his work.
(BTW: it is entirely possible that this illustration
is not Abano's but older and he simply used it).

Cheers, Rene 

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