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VMs: Re: Number encoding as central to the code...?

Hi GC,

At 23:49 12/07/02 -0500, GC wrote:
Nick, I would like to make comment on the two different ways of
encoding, without drawing any conclusions as to the underlying
meaning ;-)


It occurs to me that these four units can form the basis of
several types of symbolic numbering systems, since their true
meaning is reliant on the less conspicuous "multiple of 5"
character.  There is even the possibility that the two forms of
"notation" refer to numbers taken from two different pages of a
book, homophonic substitution incorporating more than one document
or page.  The possibilities in this arena are endless.

By way of comparison, I see much of the text as being arranged in letter pairs (with notable exceptions, like encoded numbers). I suspect that 12 of the pairs (like EVA <dy> or <as>) code for astrological signs, others perhaps for syllables.

I also suspect that [<o> + <gallows>] pairs may well index into the 1..8 characters following/under a long/split gallows on the page - these seem to have a different structure to gallows-as-numbers.

We two are storing our pizza money in different jars, obviously,
but I do see the attraction of your approach.  I'm putting my
pepperoni money in the "position sensitive homophonic
substitution" jar, but we're obviously seeing the same patterns
from different angles and calculating the same numbers. KUDO's!

I'm putting my pizza money on the solution being largely local and position insensitive (letter pairs aside). Tell you what - you get the pepperoni & I'll get the capers & anchovies. As long as we're converging on the solution & we all get to share the pizza, I don't mind who pays. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....