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VMs: More on f67r1-r2

On Bernadette Brady's remark:

>> There are also a division of the 360 degrees of the zodiac around the outer
>> rim of the image on the right, which could be Terms of some kind -However to
>> my eye it looks like a grimoire of an alchemical nature dealing with the
>> rulerships of day and night.

a reply from Lee Lehman, PhD.:

> I suspect Bernadette is right in pointing this more toward the
> alchemical side of things than the astrological. Examining the figure
> on the right at higher power, I doubt that the outer rim is
> representing 360 degrees: it looks more decorative than functional.

I'm also trying to get feedback on this from Professor McClusky (West
Virginia University), although he is spending his sabbatical year away in