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VMs: Re: More shorthand trivia

Hi Nick & all

 From: Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 If that symbol does represent "feare (of) god", and/or the other symbol for 
 "eternal life", then surely it should be a fairly straightforward matter to 
 shortlist Biblical quotations containing them both? This may give a crib 
 for the intervening symbols...
 ...though I'm sure you're already checking this out. :-)
 Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

FWIW, The Qur'an (org: arabic scribed- Islamic "Bible") has about 44+
      references to "FEAR Allah" and 'true believers' are guaranteed
      "eternal life" throughout its text. 

Best to all
steve (I'm a Methodist though) ekwall