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VMs: maybe it was Kelley, anyway?

I have returned from a vacation (not research!) tour of Bohemia
and brought back a copy of a book on the poet Westonia, 
the step-daughter of Edward Kelley (kindly given to me by
a friend from Prague). The book was written by Ivan Svitak,
a Czech philosopher, on post-1968 emigration in California,
and it was originally written in English but never published 
in that language. It was translated on his return to Prague and
published privately in 1994.

On p. 70 he says that one of Kelley's closest friends was:

"Jakub Horcicky (Sinapius), a well known physician of Prague.
[...] Later Sinapius became the owner of Kelley's curious book,
which is now called the Voynich manuscript."

The bad news is that there are no footnotes in the book. They were
originally included in the English version which was to be published
by the Academic Publishers of Prague but it never appeared.
Svitak died a year later. He was a scholar of considerable
reputation, author of many books, etc., so I do not doubt
he did not invent this - but not knowing his source, it is not
certain whether the information had not come from one of the
standard VMS books (living in California at the time of writing, 
he had easy access to those books/articles).

The tile of Svitak's book is _Malostranska Sapfo_, Praha 1994.

Best regards,