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VMs: Re: maybe it was Kelley, anyway?

Nick Pelling wrote:

> Svitak's inheritors/estate might well have a version of the book (but with
> footnotes) - alternatively, it may be worth trying to contact Svitak's
> editor at Academic Publishers of Prague?
> You're probably only a couple of emails away from finding out. :-)

Unfortunately, these possibilities were already pursued by
some others (including Michal Pober known to Jorge and Rene)
in vain. Ivan Svitak's widow and daughter apparently live
in the USA and Michal contacted them - but found out nothing
about that elusive English original. Also the Academic Publishers
do not know anything (or so they say).

Still, I believe the fact that Horcicky (Sinapius) was a close
friend of Kelley's in Prague is new and should be taken 
seriously. If VMS is a forgery or "practical joke", Kelley
would be perhaps the best candidate for its author, considering
the amount of "gibberish" (apologies to believers!) he produced
for Dee. The Enochian alphabet might have been his first
attempt at inventing a script to accompany the language(s)
he created, which he may have improved after Dee left for
England. The only problem seems to be that the VMS script 
looks a bit older than the last years of the 16th c.
But as I have never seen a sample of Kelley's handwriting,
it is difficult to say (if anyone has a sample, a scan
would be appreciated). I also wonder if there are any
samples of drawings by Kelley in the Dee MSS corpus?

Best regards,