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VMs: Kelley's end

Another bio page of Edward Kelley, this time with a "suicide by poison"


"Kelley was still living in the Most castle where he was undergoing the
treatment of his injury, and apparently suffered from intensive pain. He
decided not to spend the rest of his life like a cripple, and therefore he
drunk a liquid. Within a couple of seconds, he died. It happened on the 1st
of November, 1597. But nobody knows the place of his grave. There is a
rumour going around, that he execrated the Most castle and the city of Most
before his death to disappear from the Earth¹s face as a compensation for
the suffer that was done him. The truth is, that the castle disappeared
several decades of years later and the city itself had the same destiny,
less than 400 years later."

Rene, the castle they quote for his final imprisonment and ultimate deadly
flight is the Krivoklat, but then he is reported to have killed himself in
pain at a safer prison, the Hnevin castle of Most - not Zeller?


ps. this a picture of the Krivoklat - note the round tower in which Kelley
was kept.

The Hnevin castle itself was replicated years after its destruction: