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VMs: Scotto, was Re: Kelley's end

Dear all,

--- "Rafal T. Prinke" <rafalp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Moreover, Otakar Zachar, the early 20th
> c. Czech  researcher of the history of alchemy,
> states in one of his articles that the stories
> about Kelley, Sendivogius, Seton and Scotto were
> all intermixed. 

I've recently seen that last character's name,
but it was probably written either as Scottus
or Scotus. This is rather tricky, because their
are quite a few people known by that name.
The one I'm thinking of also appeared at Rudolf's
court (and disappeared for a few years to come
back later with a different name).

Now, there are dozens of people who should be prime
suspects for having sold the VMs to Rudolf.
In my opinion, Scottus (or whatever is the right
spelling) should appear very high near the top
of any such list, as he was known to travel from
court to court, intent on making money. The fact
that he came from Italy is something I find
especially intriguing.

Are their any good sources for him? Is anything
known about him apart from sketchy details?
I saw his name in a short article about 
'Science at Rudolfine Prague' written by Zdenek
Horsky, a reputable scholar in this field.
This is one chapter in the book 'Prag um 1600'
(see:  http://www.villahuegel.de/ , click on

Kind regards, Rene

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