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VMs: Re: Qoteedy nine

Hi Jacques,

Let us grant that it _is_ a shorthand system. A shorthand
system is a compression algorithm. The entropy of a compressed
message is much greater than that of the same message,
uncompressed (take a look at a zip file; if you like,
uu-encode it and have MONKEY calculate its entropy).

Unless you know what is being written in the alphabet, statistics may not be completely helpful. For example, if (as I suspect) it is largely comprised of a *number system* (written in a kind of shorthand-stylised Roman numerals) with additional letters to decline/conjugate as appropriate, then it might very well have the kind of low entropy stats profile we've come to recognise.

The entropy of the VMs is very low. Therefore, if it is
a shorthand, the shorthand is hidden inside a low-entropy
text--perhaps glossolalia.

Note that I use the word "shorthand" to also cover "tachygraphy" - a sample of tachygraphic material (with a small alphabet, but designed for speed of writing) would probably have similar statistical characteristics.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....