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VMs: Moons in Zodiac?

I'm interested in taking this one step further, in the interest of

A page I have marked as f67r2, the page with 12 moon-faces, marked
collectively as 67r in the Bienecke archive.  Some of you might
have one of those fancy astronomical programs that calculate this
stuff in a flash, so here's what I'd like to know:

Taking for granted/working on the assumption:

1.  that this is a calendar of the moon cycles.

2.  that the dividing line for the 12 sections marks the 12 months
of the year.

3.  that the year begins with Pisces (March) as with the zodiac

4.  that the two colors of moon-faces denote waxing and waning

5.  that the moon-faces denote the moon's state on the first of
each month (no full moons present this year).

Taking a lot for granted, what years between 1400 and 1550 would
find the moon in the depicted state of change?  Curious?