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VMs: Re: Qoteedy nine

One of the glyphs I've been having some problems with is the <y>
or {9} symbol, and I'd like a little feedback from those who've
stared at these pages for a long time, if it's not too much

At first I thought that space might be limited, or some other
quirk of penmanship was responsible, but in almost all cases there
is more than enough space to complete a curved downward stroke,
and the pages these appear on are populated with {9} glyphs
written correctly.

A sample of text yielded 224 of the variant {9} and a count of
1,514 of the standard {9}.  Since I'm attempting to base my
assumption of a glyph's existence primarily on the number of times
it occurs, this is a significant enough sample that I cannot
discount it as a possibility.

I think that q is a truncated version of 9. I have been spending a lot of my Voynich time on the layout of the stars section, and I think that the apparent cramping and distortion really reflects a conscious effort by the writer to keep the text within previously laid out boundaries. I discuss this in my revised Voynich pages, to be announced very shortly.

Philip Neal

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