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VMs: Re: Michiton oladabas

GC <glenclaston@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [...] an attempt to decipher a section of text,
> and that the would-be decipherer was using a
> glyph-based transcription that interpreted some
> of the VMS endings as Latin abbreviations.
> It also occurred to me that all one would have
> to do to find the section of text is to use the
> pattern "oladabas" as a starting point and locate
> all "words" that fit the pattern of identical
> glyhs for characters 3, 5, and 7. 

It may not be so easy, due to the many possible
interpretations of what is 1 or 2 characters.

Still there is a very clear 'oladabas' in the
upper corner of the page with the alchemical symbols
in the four corners (I think that is the so-called
'eclipse' page). Gabriel once pointed it out.

The Voynichese text looks like 'aror sheey' (Eva)
but is unclear enough and could also be read
as 'oror shedy' or some other possibilities.
All these words are common enough, but they are not
found near each other very frequently.
I vaguely remember looking for it and not finding
a satisfactory match for the preceding lines
(i.e. the michiton or anchiton or anthicon, etc).
In any case, if these are would-be decipherers
scribbles(*), they are not going to lead us anywhere.

(*) This is possible, maybe even likely, but by no
means certain.

Best regards, Rene

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