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VMs: Sabian Symbols, yet another 360 degree attribution...?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone seen
	"The Sabian Symbols in Astrology", Dr. Marc Edmund Jones
	"The Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy", Diana E. Roche

	The Sabian symbols are the unique set of symbolic vignettes,
	or descriptive images, which were obtained by Dr. Marc
	Edmund Jones from an ancient Mesopotamian source in 1925
	for each of the 360 astrological degrees of the zodiac.

From the little I've read, it sounds like a modern (1925) interpretation of ancient Sabian astrology: but "Sabian" is a term that has covered a variety of meanings, so even that is slightly unclear.

IIRC, Kurt Rudolph's book on Gnosis mentions Mandaean religion as having its own formal astrological system, written down in a diwan (= "book"/"scroll") called "Sfar Malwashi" (or "Sfar Malwase").

However, it wasn't clear whether this sacred book had ever been transcribed (or even seen), so I'm far from certain whether the two are connected. :-/

Still, food for thought, eh? :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....