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VMs: The Music of Voynich?

This is Cynthia Tenen, Stan Tenen's wife (and the person who manages our email). I was going to send a message signing off of the Voynich list for now -- we've just been too busy to keep up with the discussion -- but then, Stan realized that what we've been working on recently might also be relevant to the Voynich investigation.

Stan, and Meru Foundation, have been investigating the origin and nature of the Hebrew letter-text of Genesis -- including the existence of what appears to be a woven structure to this letter-text -- for the last 35 years. One of the earliest techniques we tried to see if we could detect structure in the text was to turn the text (by various schemes) into musical notes, and then play out the text-string to see what it sounded like. (It's easier to hear patterns in a string of sequential data than to see them.) In the case of Genesis, there were definite musical qualities to the text-string, and for years we've wanted to make a "Music of Genesis" recording of various different renderings of the text. --We have now just issued our first CD, "FIRST SOUND(tm): The Music of Genesis" -- which includes both experimental material, and a brilliant new symphonic composition that (while it follows definite rules for transcription) is (in my opinion) a stunning piece of music all on its own. If you're interested, you can find more information about our music CD at <www.meetingtent.com/firstsound.html> (this is on our secure-server website).

Has anyone used the same (or similar) techniques to try to pull out some structure to the Voynich text? You would need, minimally, to assign a particular sound (combination of tone and instrumentation, probably) to each letter-shape, and then play out the text (as above) There are other variations of this idea that could also be tried. If anyone would like to know in greater detail how we worked with the Genesis text, please feel free to contact Stan at <meru1@xxxxxxxx>.

--So, we're not signing off just yet. <smile>


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