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VMs: Re: Libro de Astromagia

Greg Stachowski wrote:

> > Ewa Sniezynska-Stolot, _Ikonografia astrologiczna w sredniowieczu.
> >       Stopnie znakow zodiaku_, Jagiellonian University, Cracow 2002.
> Aah, for once an advantage over those living further west ;)
> [closes eyes and hums mystically]
> I can sense a trip to a Cracow bookshop in my future ...
> *grin*

Her earlier books may also still be found here and there.
I saw them in a library but found nothing VMS-like.
As I reported earlier (2 years ago?), I contacted the author 
and she said that she had actually inspected the VMS and
recalled from her notes that she believed it was a student's
notebook from Cracow (as are the neighbouring call-numbers
at the Beinecke).

Best regards,