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VMs: Re: Miscellany

From: Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx>

1)  My VMs site is no longer at champollion.nu; it's at

I'll update the link.

2)  When I want to share a copyrighted image with the
list, I
upload the file to my website and give the list a
pointer to
it, without doing anything to the HTML files.  e.g.


(This is from a Byzantine astrological manuscript;
the zodiac sign at the top is just like the
two large anomalous symbols on f1r.)

I leave it up for about two weeks and then take it
I think that those limitations, sharing it with a
audience for a short period of time would bring this
within the "fair use" provision of copyright law.

This is good advice. I am very conscious that we in London have better resources than Brazil or Venezuela. However, books like the Battisti edition do not come cheap and if copyright is routinely broken new ones will not be produced. What you say seems like a good compromise.

A question of my own: is anybody archiving 2002?

Philip Neal

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