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VMs: Re: The Fontana ciphers

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the preliminary report! :-)

editors suggest that the image is intended to represent the vault
of a church decorated with the celestial spheres surrounding the

I've also thought that this simple explanation might well explain the whole of the VMS' astro and cosmo sections - that they were merely designs (the idea appropriated from the Palazzo della Ragione) intended to describe an astrological cycle of frescoes for some kind of mid-1400's public building (for example, a court of law, which is basically what the Palazzo della Ragione was).

In some ways, this seems like the simplest possible explanation.

In an
age of great men he comes over as a second division figure, but
the book is great fun and I am enjoying reading it.

This strongly connects with other insights I've had: the VMS also strikes me as having been created by a "second division figure", but more in the sense of someone working in the shadow of more fully-expressed geniuses. This was why I rejected, despite the vinci-like gallows, the idea of it having been done by Leonardo - as Petr pointed out, there's a (well-trained) sureness of hand to the curves in the drawings, but it fails to come across as a mark of greatness.

It might be as revealing to speculate which figure was casting that shadow as to speculate who was beneath it. :-)

It isn't the
key to the Voynich manuscript, but it gives off the Voynich feeling
of a deliberately created puzzle. I now think that this is the
context of the VMS.

Hopefully we're getting there... :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....