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VMs: Re: Libro de Astromagia

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> But the neighbouring call numbers in the Beinecke
> are with 100% certainty not relevant for the
> dating and origin of the VMs. Do you recall if
> she had further reasons for believing the
> above?
> (Sorry if it was also discussed at the time).

It was my poor memory - not neighbouring call numbers.
Here is the quotation from my translation of the message
from Prof. Sniezynska-Stolot (January 2001):

> In my opinion it is a notebook of a liberal arts student.
> Similar notebooks are Beinecke 225 and 226. The former
> belonged to Paul de Worczin who studied in Cracow in 1422
> (according to the Beinecke catalogue Cracow is in Bohemia!).
> The latter is also from Cracow.

So - if they are indeed *similar*, maybe someone near Beinecke
could have a look at those two MS? Or maybe someone has inspected
them already?

Best regards,